Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas is 6 weeks away! Get busy!

Ok, so today I was setting an appointment for 6 weeks out and realized that's the week of Christmas! Yikes! Are you ready? Need some ideas? Need some inexpensive gifts? I think I can help. Maybe... Above is a simple way for me to wrap up my calendar creations (here, here and here). For teachers, I've added in a simple teacher magnet with the calendar. The tag I created using my Sizzix die cut, scallop punch, scissors, ribbon, silver cord, and a sentiment from Stampin' Up!

A little tip for you: If you're using tissue as your wrapping paper, and it's not long enough to reach around the entire gift, tie your ribbon around the gift itself instead of above it! I did it here b/c the white wouldn't reach.

Here is a little something I did up for a simple yummy gift. I call it Lunch in a Crunch. I had a stamp custom made for the tag:

I thought the expression Lunch in a Crunch was catchy, and that people would appreciate a lunch on the go, in between meetings...
often times in this busy world we get caught up and forget to eat, well not me, but a lot of people I know do!

So, here are 2 of my original creations for Lunch in a Crunch:
I have 2 original soup in a mug mixes, potato soup and vegetable soup. I had business cards made with instructions. I am selling these (without the mugs) in my Etsy store. I have tested these and they are yummy!

Tip for do-it-yourselfers: You can find mix ideas online and in cookbooks, but PLEASE TEST THEM before you give them as gifts. I made that my rule a long time ago, and it has paid off. I have encountered a number of not so great results in the process, and am thankful for not giving them as gifts. My mixes above are very customized by me, original creations.

Another tip: People don't want to have to add much, if anything. My soup mixes above are "add water and microwave". The fewer the number of ingredients that the recipient has to add, the more likely they will use their gift! It's a FACT!

Ok, last idea for the night. You've probably seen it in the stores, it's so easy to do yourself. Hot cocoa mix. I made the tag with some stamps by Stampin' Up! and simple ribbon and cord to tie it up. Have a fantastic night!

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Bethany Paull said...

Lunch in a Crunch is a totally catchy name. And I love the idea. Very nice!