Monday, August 6, 2007

Simple, No Layers Cards

I have a really hard time with cards like this. Not that they're hard to do, but I'm one of those who wants to keep adding more.

So I put off Julie's DTGD challenge off for a while. But I've revisited the challenge. And here is my result. Simple, cute, yet very special.

I wanted to show you close up to see the adhesive crystals in the center of the flowers. And the elegant Fabriano Medioevalis card, which I purchased from StarlitStudio. I used black craft ink for the stems and sentiment, which made it a little bolder.

Simple designs can make such a bold statement sometimes, if done right. So that is the end result of my simple, no layers card.


Heidi said...

Love this! No layer cards are my fave! Just love the simplicity!

Judy said...

Love the card. I'm thinking of trying some for Christmas so wish me luck. Welcome to blog land!! I've added you to my list of visits. It sure is getting long.

Markie's Mom said...

Great card! WOW!

Ivy said...

Great Job! I like all of your creative ideas!

అగస్టస్ కనుమూరి said...

wow! its beautiful expression. i love your creativity.