Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last month we had our 10 year anniversary...

So on March 20th, Nate and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary, and yes I made him a card, though simple. I used some blue, brown and olive papers to match the patterned paper from a paper pack that I liked, and a spiral clip. I printed the sentiment on the computer. It's hard to see the card, this pic was taken with my phone. It came from a Watermark song called Made For You (I *heart* Watermark music). Here are the lyrics to the chorus:
Remember I promised forever
Life brings change
But my promise is the same
And through these years we've been together
Life has made us grow
But through it all I know
No matter what may come
My heart was made for you forever
That night we went out to the emerge art gallery downtown and painted pottery. Nate's pottery has always come out amazingly beautiful (his is above). No matter how he mixes colors or how crazy it may look before it's fired and glazed, it's a piece of art when it's done. Mine is just scraping by average, look below... but it does look nice above the kitchen cabinets blending in with the other pottery in our collection. I'll stick to other types of creativity most of the time.
So although he will never admit his amazing creativity, my husband is a true artist. I'm just good at paper and glue, or sewing a pattern. Happy springtime, until we meet again.

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creative gal said...

Love the card and the pottery!!